Announcement of the Teachers’ Association for the lack of a teacher in the Chemistry course at Keramies (Lyceum)

With this announcement we would like to express our despair and protest at the fact that, until today, October 21, 2020, and for how long, the following remain without a teacher in the Chemistry class:

(a) the students of the positive direction and of health sciences of the 3rd grade of the Vallianio General Lyceum of Kerameia, a course that will be examined nationwide
(b) the students of the 1st grade of our Lyceum, who are invited from this year to be examined in a specific (and extensive) subject with a theme bank which in addition is a prerequisite for understanding matter and subsequent classes
The two teachers of the Natural Sciences branch (Physicist, Biologist) of our School are not enough to cover these hours (they also complete their schedule in direction courses) and already from the end of the previous school year, as every year, the Our school is looking for a Chemistry teacher for ten hours (6 hours in DG and 4 hours in AD).
This year, with the first placements at the beginning of September, an associate professor of Chemistry was placed in our school for ten hours. Before the start of the lessons he moved to another school, from which he received (as he is entitled to) a special leave of absence because he belongs to the vulnerable groups covid-19.
The gap in our school remained, and was declared again. However, for reasons unknown to us, the teacher, already on special leave, was reassigned to our school !!! Despite our calls for a teacher to be appointed, and although there was, according to our information, a Chemistry teacher at a Lyceum in Argostoli who applied to be available to teach Chemistry, this was not possible. Is it more important to teach second assignment courses in one of the lower classes than a specialty course in C Lyceum?
We were also informed that the replacement of the chemical according to the law should be done by an associate professor with a three-month contract (due to the special covid license).
A few days ago, a three-month deputy was appointed in Kefalonia, however, according to our information, she will not serve in our school, as she will also use her legal right to leave.
Our school in all placement procedures legally declares the real gaps and creates its departments on time, according to the law. We did not create any new departments, nor was any of our school teachers absent. The gap is declared and known to the Directorate of Secondary Education and the PYSDE from the beginning, it did not appear in September. In fact, last year, when we had the same gap, a professor of Chemistry was appointed in time for the DG Lyceum. This year, what has changed?
We are not turning against the Service or our colleagues. We are just protesting, because despite the large number of recruitments made on the island, and although from the beginning of the year there were colleagues available to teach at our school, we are finally at the point where the children do not have a Chemistry teacher for two months. And all this because we declare in time, legally and accurately all our gaps, which should be filled as a priority in relation to sections that are created by way of derogation in September.

We call the Directorate of Secondary Education and the P.Y.S.D.E. to urgently place a teacher in our school for ten hours to teach the subject of Chemistry in the DG and in the AD Lyceum, as a matter of priority, as required by law.



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