Announcement on Guidelines on Citizen Turnout for Police Offices, Issuing Identity Cards and Passports, on the Prevention and Protection Measures of the Coronavirus

Whilst this article talks specifically about Greek ID cards our assumption is people wanting residents permits may also find similar increased controls regarding visiting police stations.

Greek police headquarters

Athens, 14 March 2020


The Hellenic Police Headquarters announces that citizens wishing to issue an identity card or passport should first contact the relevant Service in order to determine a specific time of arrival for their service.

This process will be implemented for as long as necessary in the framework of measures taken to prevent and protect against coronavirus, in order to avoid overcrowding and synchronization of large numbers of people indoors, to protect civilians and police.

It is noted that the contact information of the competent Security Services for the issue of identity cards can be searched on the website of the Hellenic Police ( ) and on the website of the Passport Office ( ) of the respective Passport Offices.



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