Announcement regarding incidents of telephone fraud of citizens in Kefalonia


Corfu, September 11, 2020


The General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands announces that recently in the Security Department of Lefkada and in the Services of the Police Directorate of Kefallinia, were recorded three (3) different cases of telephone fraud of citizens by experts, who with various pretexts and tricks.

In the first case, in Lefkada, an unknown person called a private individual, where, pretending to be a bank employee and under the pretext of returning his pension, he persuaded him to pay a sum of (7,200) euros, as a corresponding tax.

In two more recorded cases of telephone fraud in Kefalonia, individuals, through ads posted on a social networking site, contacted alleged vehicle dealers and were persuaded to pay to their accounts the respective sums of (7,000) and (2,480) euros, as advance payment for the purchase of vehicles, without the corresponding purchases and sales being made.

Apart from the previous cases, in the last period of time, in Police Services, cases of telephone fraud of owners of rented business enterprises have been reported, where money was withdrawn under the pretext of transferring money through a banking service, for booking rooms.

In order to prevent and avoid incidents of fraud by experts, the General Regional Police Directorate of the Ionian Islands advises :

  • Do not be persuaded when strangers ask you to pay money for debts of acquaintances or relatives to public services or to shops – companies to buy goods – offer services.
  • Do not be persuaded by strangers, who appear to be Civil Servants or any other body to correct a technical problem, unless you have called them before.
  • Be especially wary when strangers ask you for money, for a supposedly urgent need of your relative / friend, such as hospitalization or for a alleged car accident caused by your relative, which resulted in the fatal or serious injury of a minor, usually a child. They can try the same over the phone.
  • It is pointed out that in traffic accidents the lawful and foreseen actions are always followed by the police authorities, under the guidance of the local Prosecution Authorities and in no case are there any deviations from them, with the payment of sums of money.
  • In cases where strangers invoke the emergency of an acquaintance – your relative, always seek to contact yourself by phone with your acquaintance – relative, to confirm what they invoke.
  • The communication should be done directly, with your own phone and on your own initiative and you should not agree to talk to a person, who was called by strangers or the perpetrators gave you to talk.
  • Under no circumstances should strangers take you to a Credit Shop or ATM to withdraw money.
  • Always have the telephone numbers available, which you must contact in case of emergency (Police, Fire Department, Hospitals, close relatives, etc.).
  • Always inform the police authorities, even in the event of an attempted fraud against you.
    Inform friends, relatives and especially the elderly, so as not to fall victim to deception.

For more tips to avoid cheating you can find on the official website of the Hellenic Police ( www. ) in the Citizen Guide section.

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