Another Lionfish caught off Kefalonia and landed at Karavomilos

A lionfish, a fish of the Indian and Pacific oceans, was trawled yesterday in Karavomilos.

According to the  “Archipelagos – Institute of Marine Conservation” … 

is an invasive species of fish that gradually spreads to the northern Aegean . “Archipelago” as well as other scientific groups.

The various species of Lionfish are normally found in the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has invaded the Atlantic as a species since the early 1990s and more recently in the Mediterranean and Greek seas. In answer to the many questions we receive, but also to the reasonable concern of fishermen and bathers about this relatively new species in the Greek seas it is important to mention the following: – unlike other invasive species, Lionfish is not toxic – it is a species that we can consume it fearlessly (and it is considered particularly delicious).

– its spread is not a problem for humans, but for the ecosystem, as local fish species do not recognize this very effective predator and easily prey on it. Significant declines in specific fish stocks have been observed in many areas of the Leopard species.
– Care is taken in how we catch Lionfish when it is still alive and / or when we hatch it, as it has poison which is painful but NOT deadly. In the event of a Lionfish bite, immediately put hot water at the point of contact.

In conclusion, it is important to encourage the fishing and consumption of Leopard in every way, as this is the only way it can be effectively removed from the marine ecosystem. At the same time, it is important for fishermen and consumers alike to adapt to the new conditions in the inevitably changing seas. Help us record the distribution of invasive species in the Greek seas – report any comments to “

Source – Tassos Kavallieratos.

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