Anti-smoking law: First fines in Athens – Three companies

The rigorous framework of the new anti – smoking law is now fully in place, and the scrutiny measures have taken a “job”.

The first fines for violating anti-smoking provisions were cut in Lamia , with the caterer paying 500 euros and the smoker offender 100 euros.

Complaints, however, that reach the competent authorities after the four-digit number 1142 has been in operation have multiplied. Already, 235 calls were made during the first day of operation, with 58 of them being from citizens who reported violations of anti-smoking law.

Anti-smoking law: Control safari begins in Athens, too
Reportedly, the instructions received by the relevant audit authorities are to show zero tolerance for antitrust violations. On Wednesday night, the first fines were recorded in Athens.

As it became known, during the night hours in the area of ​​Nea Smyrna, several checks were carried out in cafes, bars and restaurants. Ultimately, infringements found the anti-smoking law and “cut” fines on three companies.

It is recalled that the anti-smoking law provides for very high fines for offenders, which, under conditions, can reach up to 3,000 euros for the smoker.
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