Anti-smoking law: Only 12 offenders identified in a week that included 101 inspections- Details

Quite encouraging are the figures of the National Transparency Authority regarding the observance of the anti-smoking law during the holidays.

At Christmas holidays, only 12 violations were confirmed with the National Transparency Authority declaring satisfactory “despite the” relaxed “mood of those days.”

According to the program, the mixed steps of EAD-ELAS were observed in the first week of the new year. they continued their checks at the same rate. ” According to the announcement, “there are typical cases of Elassona, in which 15 shops were searched and no shopkeeper was found to be in breach, while at the same time no citizen was found smoking in a non-compliant area of ​​Tripoli, where they were also not found. no one smoking in the unauthorized area of ​​Upper Nafpaktos, where no fines were imposed on any of the 9 controlled stores with those of the customers wishing to smoke not to be disturbed by the low rmokrasies (-5oC) to smoke actively contributing to the protection of public health. “

Yesterday, Thursday (8/1) was held at the offices of the HR. the first meeting of the year for the operational coordination of all relevant bodies with the participation of the Secretary General of Public Health, Panagiotis Prezerakos and his associates. According to an update on anti-smoking compliance checks conducted between Thursday 02.01.2020 and Wednesday 08.01.2020:

Of the 101 stores checked, no infringement was recorded in 82.2% of the cases, while 12 natural persons were found to smoke in an unauthorized area.

In total, fines were established for violations of the total non-smoking amount of € 15,200

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