Anti-smoking law: The first searches have also begun by the police

As the National Transparency Authority Commander Angelos Beinis announced, on Saturday night , the Greek police also carried out checks on the implementation of the anti-smoking law.

Mr Bini’s announcement states: ” The national target for smoking reduction, as recorded in relevant research, finds the overwhelming majority of Greek society expecting tangible examples of the will of the state to implement the relevant provisions. .


In this context, a group of Inspectors-Auditors of the National Transparency Authority in cooperation with Greek Police officials conducted Saturday night, 26.10.2019, and early morning hours of Sunday, 27.10.2019, compliance checks with the existing provisions on protection from tobacco products, in health centers in downtown Athens , making recommendations for the proper implementation of the requirements of this institutional framework.

The next time you devise a comprehensive audit program to be carried out by joint teams of co-competent services , to ensure the application of law, the protection of public health and equal business operation within the scope of the relevant provisions. “


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