Antirrio (by Rio bridge) : Sailing boat overturned by bad weather, one dead

The deceased was recovered from the Port of Antirrio , one of two people aboard a boat that overturned.

The boat, according to French nationals, was “hit” by the stormy winds blowing in the Antirrio area as the bad weather of Girion strikes western Greece . One person was found unconscious, with rescuers at the scene able to pull him out shortly after 2 in the morning. Another person is ignored, with some reports reporting that this person had also been found unconscious, but failed to recover. Divers from Patras rushed in to help locate them. Note that in the area there are winds of 7 to 8 windswept which make any business difficult.

Note that the sailboat was docked on the eastern pier of Antirrio, which, due to adverse weather conditions, turned over.

The video reveals the conditions in the area and the rescuers’ struggle to locate the two men.

According to the information of the Fire Brigade, “Operation underway after overturning a small boat on the east pier of Antirrio. Operate 11 firefighters with 6 vehicles and 2 divers from the 6th EMAK. ”

At the point the Regional Governor of Western Greece – Pictures from the sailing boat
The Port of Western Greece, Nektarios Farmakis, was also found in the Port Authority’s efforts to locate and retrieve one of the two sailors aboard. Mr Pharmakis said an attempt was made to retrieve one of the two men aboard, but the weather was very difficult. He also stressed that the residents should be very careful as the nighttime weather will be even more intense.

“We had the first notice at 8.05. An attempt is being made by the Port Authority to lift one dead from the sea, despite the difficulty of the weather. We are well prepared for bad weather, but no one can ever be completely prepared for such bad weather. People should be careful, “said Mr. Pharmakis.

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