Anxiety about 6,500 airport tests – Results in the next few hours

At least 6,500 sample checks on an equal number of passengers on approximately 235 international flights are the report of yesterday, the first day for the resumption of tourism in our country . 

Now the authorities, as well as the experts of the Committee of Experts, and of course the government are waiting with interest for the results of the audits – the answers of the molecular screening tests for the corona are expected late this afternoon.

The operational part of this process was completed satisfactorily for the ranks of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection and the National Organization for Public Health (EODY) that collected the samples.
The process of sampling passengers on flights from foreign countries, using a “smart” algorithm that calculates, based on the QR code that travelers must display, if they are more likely to be carriers of the corona, continues. at a steady pace.

It is recalled that passengers undergoing a diagnostic test for COVID-19 are required to remain in self -control for  24 hours at the address they will declare, until the announcement of the test result.

The number of positive cases resulting from the inspections is a critical element that will be under the microscope of the experts for the next three months of this year’s tourist season. Of course, there is anxiety about the result of yesterday’s testing process that took place at all airports that had international flights because it will give the first epidemiological picture of the corona to the visitors of our country.

According to the data so far in June  – which certainly did not concern tourists – 1 in 5 cases of corona recorded in Greece was “imported” . Of the 500 cases in June, almost 100 involved a person entering Greek territory from another country, either Greek or foreign.

However, the correlations are now changing as visitor arrivals multiply. It is indicative that in the last days of June almost 50% of the daily crashes were “imported”.

Yesterday, EODY announced 23 new cases of coronavirus . Of these, 11 were reported as “imported” – 4 via Promachonas, 4 via flights, 2 through Albania and 1 concerning a Greek-American in Karpathos.

The 9 cases were found in the hearth of Thrace (1 in Rodopi and 8 in Xanthi), 2 in Kastoria which now counts 17 cases and finally 1 in Attica. The total number of cases is 3,432, of which 777 (22.6%) are related to travel from abroad and 1,906 (55.5%) are related to an already known case.

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