Are the wind turbines really to blame for the flooding in Kefalonia

On 09/18/2020 we experienced perhaps for the first time the fury of a Mediterranean cyclone named “IANOS”. 

The next day after the passage of this cyclone from our islands, leaves us only disasters and mainly material damage to superstructure and infrastructure. Many of our fellow citizens have, in most cases, suffered irreparable damage to their movable and immovable property. 

Volunteers from all over Kefalonia immediately responded and were willing to help (God bless them that there are those who help the most when asked and without seeking compensation), all the victims, all over the island but mainly in the northern part of Kefalonia where there were most of the disasters from the passage of this bad weather.

So, one Sunday, the date was 04/10/2020, a large cargo ship named “BREB STAR” arrives in the port of Sami. From the first minutes, after the arrival of the cargo ship in the port of Sami, citizens begin to gather to prevent the unloading of wind turbines destined for the wind farm of “Xerakias”. Not to say much, we know most of them, we saw them all (!!!!)… .. voices, M.A.T. , dances, barbecues, Municipal Councils (if you can call it that), etc, etc, etc.

The slogan from the protesters and their organizers, giving them food to shout… to shout WHAT ??? – the slogan was ONE: “NO OTHER (BAD) WIND GENERATORS IN THE MOUNTAINS OF KEFALONIA !!!!” That is, all the evils in this place are born from the wind turbines and from the “squares” that are created to be placed. In other words, most of the responsibility for the floods that occur in the areas of Pylaros all these years is on the wind turbines.

But the question is ONE: 


So let’s start from the beginning. We go back to the period 1945-1960 and to black and white aerial photographs taken at that time from the site of the EKHA land registry and specifically in this area where the wind turbines of “Agia Dynati” are active.

Observing these aerial photographs you discover many things, e.g. the road of Falari (from point ¨Α¨ to point ¨Γ¨), a dirt road then, which has almost the same form as today or the road from Falarî that leads to Makriotika (from point ¨Β¨ to point ¨Δ ¨) same and almost unchanged, as well as streams leading to Makriotika which seem almost identical to the current situation (REMA 1, REMA 2, CENTRAL ROW, REMA 3, REMA 4, REMA 5, REMA 6, REMA 7, REMA 8 ). That is, the streams are full of sediments from the surrounding slopes and we can see spots with erosion on the slopes of the surrounding mountains. (At that time people did not know what a wind turbine was !!! Instead they cultivated their fields with vines, wheat and had a small number of animals for them and their families).

The years pass and we arrive on 07/06/2003

Based on the historical aerial photographs of the well-known GOOGLE EARTH application, we discover that some things have changed in the same area, new dirt roads were created for livestock and non-livestock needs, but the only thing that seems to remain the same and maybe a little swollen are the streams that continue everywhere. these years to be both in the main stream and in the adjacent streams (REMA 1 and REMA 2) that are connected to it, as well as the eroded slopes of the surrounding mountains.

About two years later.

On 12/19/2005 you notice the same area and the only change you notice is the asphalt paving that has been paved on the road leading from Falari to Makriotika (from point ¨Β¨ to point ¨Δ) as well as the tank that was built next to in question road. Everything else is the same. Strangeness???

Wind turbines still in “Agia Dynati” we can not distinguish….

We are approaching in time and we go to the year 2013 and specifically 29/04/2013 and the differences are important but small as far as the specific streams are concerned.

That is, the road of Falari that leads to Divarata ready and paved (from point ¨A¨ to point ¨G¨) and the wind turbines of ¨Agia Dynati ¨ is now a fact. But strangely, the bed of the streams, the central and the side, remain the same. Why???

You also discover the following, that streams that are not related for any reason to any of the wind turbines and specifically down the road that leads to Makriotika and up to where it intersects with the main stream (REMA 1 and REMA 2) below Agia It can be filled with load-bearing materials. That is, how is this done since there is no human intervention ?? ?

Year 2015 and on 18/07/2015 what are the differences? Everything is the same and the big bad weather of September 2015 has not come yet.

The main stream continues to have the same width and almost the same volume in the amount of materials brought since 1945. The same happens in the North stream (REMA 1 and REMA2) where we remind that no human intervention has been made. Strangeness???

On 31/03/2016,

we see an increase in the main stream and erosion at a specific point on the slope of “Agia Dynati”, but at this point the road leading to the top has been created which was built before 2003. Everything else remains the same. Why???

In the near future 2019 and specifically on 10/03/2019 things look all the same as previous years. NOTHING HAS CHANGED !!!!

Having now gone through the disasters created by the Mediterranean cyclone “IANOS” and on 01/11/2020 in photos with drones (SmEA) it seems even today that both the main stream and its tributaries (REMA 1 and REMA 2) continue to be filled with carried materials.

By chance we find an expertise on the danger of flooding in “Agia Dynati” with the contractor the institute of inland waters-ELKETHE assigned by the Hellenic Technodomi Anemos SA. where it was drawn up in December 2008.

This expertise, therefore, refers to the bad weather that took place in September 2008 and caused a lot of damage to the settlement of Drakopoulata. However, seeing the data from the rain heights that were recorded as a function of the duration of the rain in the wider area of ​​Pylaros, you understand the volume of water that a mountain can descend and especially with such a large slope as that of “Agia Dynati”. After the whole analysis of the expertise the conclusion was the following:

1) The surfaces where the wind turbines are based and active due to the materials used not only do not affect the accumulation of water but on the contrary due to the nature of the materials have a high absorption index and from the amount that ends up at the ground surface only 50% of it goes down on slopes and streams (we keep this),

2) The 2 main streams (REMA 8 and REMA 9) that end in the settlement of Drakopoulata were lower than the circumstances in their drainage due mainly to the deposition of human materials (rubble, barbed wire, etc.) and in combination with the small depth and width they have these 2 streams, as well as the minimal vegetation that exists in them, created all this destruction.

And the conclusion of the above expertise is that the wind turbines in the total of a weather phenomenon contribute only 10-15% and that a solution that brings relief to the streams and basins is to be cleaned at regular intervals as well as reducing the intensity of the surface water flow in the streams with technical works.

Trying to find the causes of these disasters, one wonders, WHAT IS WRONG ???

Could the whole problem be the climate change in recent years and the large volume of water in a short period of time that creates this situation ??? Have unprecedented weather phenomena been observed in recent years that we are not used to and, perhaps, we are not ready to manage them ???

How many wind turbines have been installed over Antisamos, Assos, Foki, Dafnoudi and even above Simotata ???

And finally the question is ONE  is it finally the fault of the wind turbines for everything that happens in our place (???) or is it the scapegoat ¨ so that since the streams have never been cleaned from 1945 until today and since the volume of water it has no precedent, and year by year it gets even worse and maybe in the future we will have similar and worse results ???

 And as a conclusion to all this, instead of blocking investments of millions and instead of shouting and saying NO to EVERYTHING and creating a topic out of nowhere, let’s start doing EVALUATIVE SCIENTIFIC STUDIES  and TECHNICAL WORKS in all the streams so that all the streams do not future consequences ???

Yours sincerely,

George Papaioannou

Civil Engineer T.E.

source – FB post of Georgios Papaioannou

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