Argostoli at night (video)

For those of you considering visiting Argostoli this video gives a goof feel of the city in the late evening.

Especially during this hot period it is well worth considering acting like “the locals” and going out later in the day when the temperatures have dropped off as it is a much better experience regardless if your just sat in the square or walking along Lithostroto when it is sightly cooler.

You will be surprised at how many people are out and about in the cool of evening!Η πιο όμορφη βόλτα στο Αργοστόλι τώρα!!!!!.Απο την υπέροχη κεντρική πλατεία Βαλλιάνου, στην πλατεία Καμπάνας. Απολάυσε την !!!!!!!!!!Και προλαβαίνετε να ψωνίσετε ότι τραβά η όρεξη σας !!!!!!!!Χαρισμένο στους φίλους που δεν μπορούν να είναι κοντά μας!!!!!!!

Gepostet von Spiros Sakalis am Donnerstag, 8. August 2019

picture source – FB post of Spiros Sakalis

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