Argostoli Concerns In Early Tourist Season

Interesting article in this mornings local papers reprodued below the line, who have reported some early season concerns from British travellers on “Unplugged” Facebook group.

As we have commented before Argostoli certainly has plenty of issues at present as the improvement work continue and it would have been better if the work was all finished before the start of season, but, in our opinion to keep a balanced perspective for visitors to the island where it is completed it has improved safe pedestrian routes for locals and tourists alike, the route from the Fanari end of town through the square and into Lithostroto now has a seamless feel and lighting and pavements along the front right towards Tho Old Plaka are also much improved.

Regarding parking the situation is worsened by the ongoing work and some parking spots have disappeared but in reality its not that much worse than it has been for many Summers, what has changed significantly is the number of visitors coming to the island in the Summer and whilst much is being planned e.g. new road from the airport, increased parking in Argostoli these will not be in place for many years to come.

In the meantime most tourists are not in a rush so should just expect slightly more traffic in Argostoli and again in our experience you can usually find somewhere to park either near bus station end or out the other side of the main square even at the busy times of year.

In a nutshell it’s really not a major issue, chill out and relax and enjoy your Summer holidays in beautiful Kefalonia.

Launched Britons’ ‘crunching’ of traffic jams in Argostoli

The Kefalonia unplugged team is the largest electronic meeting point of the British visiting Kefalonia

It lists thousands of members, and literally dozens of publications about the beautiful but also the bad of Kefalonia are written.

The traffic chaos that prevails in Argostoli due to the projects being carried out massively, as expected, could not go unimportant. Already on the page, the British commentators have started to comment.

Lyn, arriving in Argostoli on Saturday, has the particular difficulty in finding a parking space, required to park her car far away from the hotel where she was staying.

Although she does not care about walking as she says, for anyone to come this year, later it will be mess! Comments in Lyn’s publication are continuing, with other compatriots concerned.

Shortly after, Pat, scheduled to come to Cephalonia in August, says he is worried about road projects and possible parking difficulties.

At the same time, he wonders if he should have booked Lassi to avoid the problem.

The lack of traffic, the inability of the municipality to create new parking lots for years, coupled with the drastic reduction of old seats, is a fact that makes the problem difficult.

Unfortunately in the summer it will be difficult for locals and tourists. All we have to do is arrest patiently!


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2 thoughts on “Argostoli Concerns In Early Tourist Season

  • June 5, 2019 at 8:16 pm

    Can’t understand why people complaining about on going work in Argostoll, it’s a working town. Improvements have to be made. I’m sure whatever works are going on all over the island in the long term it will be better for everyone. As the old saying goes “you can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs “

  • October 28, 2019 at 3:29 pm

    Heaven and hell great place,don’t let holiday louts here


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