Argostoli Hospital Refurbishment: Local MP meets Greek Minister of Health and includes recognition of local expatriate organisation donations

Following the meeting with the Deputy Minister of Health Mrs. Mina Gaga (12/4) yesterday 13/4 I met the Minister of Health Mr. Thanos Plevris.

The main topic of our cooperation was the briefing of the Minister on the completion of the preliminary refurbishment study of the Argostoli Hospital (thanks to a donation from the Vergotis Foundation) and how, based on this, relevant funding can be secured from the European Union Recovery and Resilience Fund. 

In cooperation with the political leadership, the services of the ministry, but also the administration of the hospital the effort continues to have positive developments in this very important issue.

We discussed with the Minister about legislative initiatives of the Ministry of Health in the framework of the bill “Doctor for All” for Primary Health Care, which is in public electronic consultation from April 4. We were also concerned with the process of transferring doctors from other parts of Greece or from abroad to the health structures of our islands.

Finally, I informed Mr. Plevris about donations from individuals, institutions, expatriate associations and Civil Society organizations to the health structures of our islands.

Panagis Kappatos
Member of Parliament for Kefalonia and Ithaca

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