Argostoli: Hundreds of signatures against mining in Ionian Sea

In was constant rain, at the anti-mining event this morning in Argostoli.

Hundreds of Kephalonians blared the constant rain that fell somewhat torrential and rushed to sign up against the oil mines in Kefalonia and the Ionian Sea.

Citizens of all ages, despite the adverse weather conditions, have given the “present” by adding their voice to those who refuse to extract oil from Europe’s most seismic area .


The event was also attended by the President of Kefalonia Hotels , Gerasimos Timothezat , who transferred the signatures of the members of the Board of Directors. of the Hoteliers Association , confirming, once again, that the tourist world of Kefalonia is opposed to mining in the area ( see previous statements ).

They also signed members of the new traffic policy that will claim the Municipality of Kefalonia, ” Kefalonia, Island for All “, Makis Dimitratos and members of the Rizospaston Xina etc.

The event was organized by the Open Convention of Kefalonia & Ithaca Against the Minorities and from what we learn, the signatures are measured in several hundred.

Also, additional signatures are expected to be collected in the next few days after the corresponding forms make the round of the island.

Finally, according to information, after the completion of the collection of signatures, the issue will also be discussed by the Municipal Council of Kefalonia.


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