Argostoli Mayor: Clarifications regarding the use of Kallithea Grove in Lakithra

On the occasion of comments and publications in the media with reference to the decision of the Municipal Authority to proceed with the Utilization of the Grove of Kallithea in the Community of Lakithra, we clarify the following:

The former Municipality of Livathos had planned the development and exploitation of the thicket located in Kallithea, Lakithra Community. There was a building in the area that functioned as a food store but after a special demolition permit it was demolished because it was facing serious static problems. At the same time studies were completed that provided for the construction of an open theater with a parallel renovation of the surrounding area and on the other hand the construction of a building on which there will be a restaurant and event space.

In addition the building has a separate exhibition space (Small Gallery) that will be operated by the Municipality and will have the appropriate infrastructure to meet the operational needs of the open Theater with locker rooms and toilets.

The Municipality of Argostoli fulfilling the expectations and the desire of the local community, defending the local interests and utilizing the municipal property assigned to an independent designer the elaboration of a Business Plan in order to rent the space to an individual who with his own expenses will be constructed from existing architectural plans and constructions (after adapting to the current urban planning requirements) and then, in exchange for financial compensation, will undertake the operation of the property through a long-term Lease Agreement (estimated for 25 years). It is pointed out that the part of the building that concerns the operation support of the Open Theater (Exhibition space, Locker rooms,

The main goal of the Municipality is the selection of a suitable tenant (for this reason there will be all the necessary guarantees in order for the interested parties to have the appropriate business experience, as well as financial adequacy), who will lease the property for the purpose of upgrading, exploitation and utilization for tourist purposes, in the best possible way for the interests of the community of Lakithra and the Municipality of Argostoli. 

From the Mayor’s Office

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