Argostoli Mayor’s Weekly Communication Update

1. On Friday 04 October, the Civil Protection and Welfare staff of the Municipality in cooperation with the competent Regional Service, Fire, Police and ESA found from the first moment the flooded Bride and assisted them. . Due to the magnitude of the damage, the Municipality sent a request to the District to take the necessary action to declare the Nifios community in a state of emergency.

2. The municipal cleaning, lighting and vehicle scales in cooperation with the DEYAK workshops immediately and effectively addressed the problems created by the bad weather throughout the municipality.

3. On Sunday, September 29th, Mayor Theofilos Michalatos with the Vlachata local council attended a meeting with the Red Rock Cultural Association in Simotata and discussed issues of the area.

4. On Monday 30 September:

– Deputy Mayor George Tsilimidos attended a memorial service and laid a wreath at the Heroes ‘Monument in Napier for our National Benefactors’ Remembrance Day.

– The Mayor met with Simon Wallace’s team ” PRO CAMP CYCLING ” to promote cycling tourism in Kefalonia.

– The President of the Municipal Council of Vozdavac of Belgrade, Aleksander Mirkovic, with his associates and the Consul of Serbia in Kefalonia, Mr. Viktoras Ruhota, visited the Mayor of Argostoli and discussed ways of effective and constructive cooperation between the two.

5. On Tuesday 1 October:

– The Mayor attended the ICAP event for the Third Age World Day.

– Mayor Tsilimidos met with EPCSI President Themis Balsam and discussed issues of cooperation between the Municipality and the Union.

6. On Wednesday, October 2, the Mayor, Mayor / Mayor Crystal Michalatou and members of the Argostoli Community Council attended the Ritualization of the image of Our Lady of Drapaniotissa, patroness of Argostoli, who was transported by His Holiness Ierios of Drapanos.

7. On Thursday 3 October:

– Cremona President Tiziano Zanisi and Italian Ambassador Ms Graciella Micheletti met with Mayor and President of the BoD Mr. Vallianato and discussed opportunities for cultural cooperation.

– The President and members of the Cultural Association “To Rifortso” paid a ceremonial visit to the Mayor.

8. On Friday 4 October:

– The Italian Defense Attorney, Mr. Enrico Frasson, and the Italian Ambassador, Ms. Graciela Micheletti, met with the Deputy Mayor Mr. Tsilimidos and the Chairman of the Board of Directors. Mr Vallianato. Subsequently, wreaths were laid at the National Resistance Monument, the Monument to the Fallen Italians of the Akui Division and the ” Lacco of the Italians ”.

9. The Mayor participated in the proceedings of the 11th Panhellenic Conference of Small Islands held in Ithaca on 04-06 October.

10. The Post Office moved to its new offices in the former Loutra building on 21 May Street in Argostoli. The new contact phone is 26713 61040.

11. The clean-up of public areas, sidewalks, perimeters and interiors of Thalassomilou, the Devoseto Bridge, the Drapanos, the Rizospastas Strait and People’s Homes has continued intensively. In the context of the city’s prestige, pruning (dangerous trees) took place on Vergoti Avenue, Devosetou Street and Popular Homes. Repairs to schools and ironworks were also carried out on the exterior of the former Bank of Greece building while the wells were also cleaned.

12. By decisions of the Mayor, the staffing of the Municipal Services took place. The following decisions were adopted in detail:
– 38/2116 / 02-10-2019 (Permit 68PA46MTT-ZTF) on the Staffing of the Construction Department
– 40/2118 / 02-10-2019 (Permit 6E2Ψ46MTT-LSB) on Personnel Services directly to the Mayor of Argostoli
– 41/2119 / 02-10-2019 (ADF 64E46MTT-O4) on the Staffing Directorate KEP
-42 / 2120 / 02-10-2019 (ADF 69EX46MTT-O1) on the Staffing of Administrative Services
– 43/2121 / 02-10-2019 (FDA Z0E046MTT-41H) on the Staffing of the Technical Services Department
– 44/2122 / 02-10-2019 (FDAO4646MTT-9BE) on the Staffing of the Planning & Development Department
– 45/2123 / 02-10-2019 (SAO WO0P46MGTT-RG8) on the Staffing of the Independent Department of Environment & Local Economic Development

– 46/2124 / 02-10-2019 (APA 93N46MTT-4S1) on the Staffing of the Independent Welfare & Social Protection Department
– 47/2125 / 02-10-2019 (APA6B646MTT-N37) on the Staffing of the Department of Cleaning, Maintenance Installations and Workshops

From the Mayor’s Office

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