Argostoli traffic study: Consultation survey & comments with citizens



Dear Fellow Citizens,

The Municipality of Argostoli has started the process of preparing a ” Traffic Study for the improvement of pedestrian and vehicle traffic and the organization of parking in the city of Argostoli “. In this context, a data collection program is underway regarding the traffic characteristics of the study area, parking and reassessment of existing traffic regulations. At the same time, interventions are being investigated in sensitive parts of the urban fabric, such as the school units, the nodes and the main intersections of the city.

The aim of this effort is to make the city more functional and safe with a focus not only on vehicle traffic but also on people. In this sense, the main purpose of this consultation is to record the views of stakeholders and citizens on the problems and weaknesses of the existing traffic image in the city of Argostoli and the solutions, interventions, measures and improvements to be adopted.

The results of the consultation will be evaluated by the Study Group and by the competent services of the Municipality in order to formulate the final traffic organization plan which is expected to include:

1. Traffic Settings,

2. Organization of Parking,

3. Interventions for Road Safety,

4. Creating Nodes,

5. Public Transport,

6. Sidewalks – Sidewalks,

Your participation in the consultation by sending comments and observations on the above issues is considered particularly useful and necessary .

We invite you to respond to the completion of the Questionnaire that follows.

Thanks for the cooperation.

Dionysios Minetos

Deputy Mayor of Technical Works

& Civil Protection






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