Army unit to remain in Kefalonia for a further week

Following a new request yesterday to the Ministry of the Municipality of Sami and the Region, the unit of 747 ETMX will remain for about another week in the area of St. Efimia, in order to contribute to the settlement of streams in collaboration with the District machinery.

I would like to point out that this Unit is currently attempting in various parts of the country and for similar reasons (Karditsa, Megara, Antikythera etc) with the mission to repair damage from natural disasters and not the treatment of the causes that caused these damage combined with the natural disasters. I am referring with respect to the publication of the President of TK Makryotika entitled ′′ The Army is leaving, contractors are coming “.

Clearly all the flood technical projects that need to be done in the area is titanium so that the same things never happen again in St. Efimia, in Ace and so on.

I will also point out that the Army’s work has nothing to do with the work of contractors.

The Region has the right in a second year and outside the plan ′′ Xenocrat ′′ to apply and conclude a programming contract with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for providing a specific project for a specific time. For example, to work the step for one, two or three months to clean the stream in Makryotika or anywhere else which we all know is not a week’s matter.

This programming contract will of course be concluded after the Ministry of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs takes into account its other operational needs, as well as maintaining its forces in reserve in order to be made available to another area of the country due to a new ′′ Janus “.

That’s all for our fellow citizens to know what is happening and not to create wrong impressions that do wrong the Armed Forces.

source – FB post of Αριστοτέλης Μπατιστάτος

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