Arrest in Argostoli yesterday for theft


Corfu, July 1, 2020


A citizen was arrested for theft in Kefalonia

A minor citizen was arrested yesterday (30-06-2020) in Kefalonia by police officers of the Argostoli Security Department, for the crime of theft.

In particular, according to the police investigation, the minor is involved in two cases of thefts committed yesterday (30-06-2020) in the early morning hours in Argostoli.

Specifically, in the first case he removed (1) bicycle and in the second case he violated a parked car from which he removed the amount of (100) euros.

In his possession, the bicycle and the amount of money were found and confiscated, which were returned to their owners.

In the case against him, from the Security Department of Argostoli, his parents are also accused of neglecting his supervision.

The minor was taken to the Public Prosecutor of Kefallinia.

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