Assessment of festive accident prevention measures in the Ionian Islands including 46 offences in Kefalonia


Corfu, 9 January 2020


Assessment of festive accident prevention measures in the Ionian Islands

No fatal accident or fatal injury was reported

Total (3,772) checks carried out and (998) Road Traffic Code violations confirmed

The Ionian Islands festive accident prevention is a positive outcome, as no fatal or serious injuries were reported.

Specifically, police services have taken precautionary measures to police the road throughout the festive Christmas, New Year and Epiphany festivities (from 20.12.2019 to 07.01.2020), which have made a decisive contribution to tackling dangerous driving behaviors. as well as difficulties in moving vehicles.

It is noted that a total of three (3) accidents were reported which resulted in minor injury to five (5) people, of which four (4) in Lefkada and one (1) in Corfu.

In addition, during the inspections carried out by the traffic police officers in Corfu, Lefkada, Kefalonia and Zakynthos, the following results were obtained:

  • Assembled : 217 checks points
  • Tested : 3.772 vehicles
  • A total of ( 998) violations of the Road Traffic Code were identified, including (701) in Corfu, (46) in Kefalonia, (174) in Zakynthos and (77) in Lefkada.

These violations include:

  • (34) for drunk driving
  • (110) for excessive speed
  • (18) for non-use of a protective helmet
  • (14) for non-use of seat belt
  • (8) for use of cell phones while driving
  • (13) for moving against traffic flow
  • (1) for red traffic violation

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