Assos 4 months after the devastating passage of IANOS still with open wounds.

Assos 4 months after IANO does not remind me of the unprecedented images I saw in the first hours I visited the traditional settlement and I will remember them forever and they were images of revelation and destruction.


The tons of stones the mud. and rubble no longer exists on the streets of the settlement but time is running out and professionals who have suffered huge damage are worried that the restoration work will not be completed before the start of the new tourist season.

Discussing with the president of the Municipality of Aso, Christos Kokkolis, he expressed his concern about the slow progress of the projects as well as the urgent need to find the installation site of the desalination plant that will actually solve the big problem of water supply and water adequacy. the summers.

In the video that follows, Christos Kokkolis talks to the microphone of kefaloniapress about the problems and leads us to every part of the village. “If the season finds us in this situation, it is to put the pistol in the temple from the debts”, he says characteristically.

The professionals of Assos, mainly owners of restaurants and tourist accommodation are worried about the process of restoration of the beautiful village of Assos, the postcard village of Kefalonia and express their concerns in the microphone of kefaloniapress.

Antonis Chrysafis, restaurant of Assos “4 months after IANO and they still tell us that studies are being done.”

Vassilis Stefanatos  “We are seriously worried that the village is still in a state of  disintegration. Fortunately, DEYAK moved quickly and we have water “..

 Nikos Skiadaresis: “We have to offer the visitors of Assos a pair of shoes so that they can walk in this mess ..”

The Infrastructures

The great weight of the restoration is currently focused mainly on the reconstruction of the road. of the main road of the settlement that had been completely destroyed.

In the photos you can see the main road of the settlement that leads to the beach and that will be paved with cement soon. 

The cement paving of the road used by the tourist buses to enter the settlement has already been completed and the rest of the part that crosses the settlement to the beach remains to be completed, as well as the restoration of the front of the coastal area on the coast.

The alleys that were completely destroyed on September 18 were paved with cement. The entrance to the area in the settlement that had been completely destroyed it was paved with cement.
The basic infrastructure of the village such as water supply and electricity have collapsed and are being built almost from the beginning.Lighting columns were broke

The Director of DEYAK Mr. Gasparinatos visited today (22/1) Assos in the effort to find the place where the desalination plant will be placed, financed by the Ministry of Shipping that will solve the water supply problem of Assos in the summer months.

The beach of Assos overlooking the magnificent Castle and the pine forest literally dissolved! The postcard image of Assos does not currently exist. The scary thing is that no one knows when the village will return to the previous state.

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