Assos – The Venetian Fortresses of Kefalonia (video)

The Chamber of Kefallinia and Ithaca within the program Interreg-IPA CBC GREECE-ALBANIA EXTRO-CULT held on earlier in the year a very special event at the entrance of Assos Castle.

It is a representation of a change of guard in front of the Venetian Fortress, a representation of that that took place several centuries ago during the Venetian occupation of the Ionian Islands at this point enriched with elements & dramatized images of the time.

The representation was made with the voluntary help and participation of residents of the island. The purpose of the event was to promote, highlight and promote the Cultural Heritage of our Kefalonia.

@Vibrant_kefalonia was there to capture what was happening.

May this special event be the starting point for the optimal utilization of the Venetian Guards and the other cultural Monuments of the Island


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