At 6:15 this morning two canadairs returned to Kefalonia for the fire a Kardakata (renewed information)

At first light the planes were back on the scene after ground forces (including extra crews called in from the Peloponnese) had contained it overnight, below are some pictures from yesterday afternoon when air support was operational and after it re-ignited later in the evening.

Update 7:45
Good news the Canadairs are returning to the mainland having just flown over Lourdas Bay, further updates later. 

Update 9:30
The fire is now under control with local ground forces left in the area, it has burnt roughly 170 acres of forest and was fought by a maximum of 5 fire engines, 40 firefighters, the 2 local petzetel aircraft, two canadairs , 1 erickson helicopter, local groups and vehicles from municipality and forestry commission.

One further piece of good news the high wind speeds forecast for kefalonia yesterday have diminshed greatly in the more recent forecasts

photo source – FB page of 355 MTM (Fire Fighting Squadron)

photo source –

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