At the expense of the Greek state, those tourists who are positive about the coronavirus will stay in Greece

The Greek government is ready to shoulder the costs for those tourists who are positive about the corona coming to Greece. This was announced by government spokesman Stelios Petsas during a briefing for political writers.

“From June 15, we welcome our visitors steadily and methodically, with safety and hygiene rules and protocols. We are proud of the collective response to the pandemic in our country, ” Petsas said at the beginning, explaining that” valid decision-making, effective scrutiny, tracking, transparency are only part of this successful approach. ”

Petsas: “We expect much less incidents”
“We want health and safety to be our number one priority this summer as we share our country’s culture, history and beauties,” said a government spokesman. “We expect far fewer incidents – hopefully none.” epidemiological circles in European countries, from where we expect tourist flows, are coordinated downwards “.

Mr. Petsas revealed that the positive cases will be hosted in hotels, at a cost that will be borne by the Greek state.

And Cyprus will implement the model
A similar move was made last week by Cyprus, which said it intends to fully cover the cost of accommodation, food and medical care for those tourists who are diagnosed with coronary heart disease during their vacation on the island – as well as their family members. The only thing that will not be covered is the transportation costs from Cyprus to the place of permanent residence, which is reasonable, however, since anyone who comes for a vacation on the island, it is reasonable to have a closed return flight.

More specifically, according to the plan of the Cypriot Government, a random sampling test will be performed upon the arrival of tourists in Cyprus and the cost will be borne by the Republic. In the event of a suspected or confirmed case of coronavirus, Cyprus will cover the cost of accommodation, food and medical care for a patient, and the patient will only have to cover the cost of repatriation.

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