At the mercy of bad weather again Crete: Damages, floods, landslides

For the fourth time, in about two months, a wave of bad weather causes serious problems and disasters in Crete .

Though this time the wave of bad weather is not as fierce as the ones that preceded it, from mid-February to late March, however, from dawn on Saturday, due to heavy rains , rivers have overflowed, roads and bridges flooded, cars drifting roads have been closed due to subsidence and landslides at many points on the road network. Losses were also caused in flooded greenhouses.

It’s a 100-year-old bridge

It is a 100-year bridge in Crete

The torrential rains resulted in the river flowing under the Myrtos bridge to Ierapetra, and the residents are afraid they will see pictures that will point to the collapse of the historic Keritis bridge in Chania , to the previous “blow” of the bad weather.

The bridge of Myrtos was built in 1924 and was damaged in the heavy rains at the end of March. Indeed, residents of the area, speaking on the neakriti website, say they have many years to see such weather phenomena.

Myrtos today!!! This beautiful monument is in great danger!Το Μυρτος σήμερα!! Ενα πανεμορφο μνημείο κινδυνεύει!!!

Gepostet von Vaggelis Fragiadakis am Freitag, 5. April 2019

Gepostet von Vaggelis Fragiadakis am Freitag, 5. April 2019

Flooded greenhouses

In Ierapetra, greenhouses and businesses flooded the torrential rains. Crops were completely destroyed in Stomio while roads were shut down and municipal machinery works to clear the road network.

Flooded greenhouses

Roads closed

In the areas of Heraklion, roads and bridges flooded and there were landslides and landslides, making it impossible for vehicles to pass.  

Areas like Pyrgos, Harakas and Sammania have suffered great flood disasters, Mayor of Archanes-Asterousia, Manolis Kokosalis told ANA. “Our crews are on track to face the new offensive of the weather. The water that fell within four hours reached 110 millimeters, with what it might involve. Bridges have been flooded and despite the fact that the crews are constantly working, as the rain continues, the problem is repeated, “he said and asked citizens to avoid unnecessary travel.

Due to settlements, the provincial road of Heraklion-Vouton closed one kilometer before entering the settlement, by decision of the region of Crete. Many problems, with rocky landslides, exist in the municipality of Viannos, both on the provincial and municipal roads. For safety reasons due to the intense weather phenomenon, it was decided by civil protection to close down the following roads:

  • Municipal road from Keratokampos to Arvi
  • Municipal road from Arvi to Psari Forada Tercha
  • The bridge over the river Anapodari in Dermatos
  • From Terce to Myrto

As a result of the torrential rain, Anapodaris overflowed and the Archanes Asterousia municipal authority closed the bridge at Kalyviani, while there are materials and stones all over the provincial road network. Closed is the road from Kalyvia to Mesochorio and from Ligrton to Mesochorio.  


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