(Athens Area) -Big Fire at Ymittos:Many Houses Evacuated

Fighting the flames from the early morning firefighting media

Extinguished (about 7:30) the fire on Hymettus that erupted in the early hours of Monday in Ymittos Paiania.

The fire moved southwest and reached the Caesarian Ridge.

Huge mobilization of the Fire Brigade
According to the latest update, 141 firefighters with 46 vehicles, 5 A / S, 5 S / P, 1 S / P as coordinator and 2 S / S S / P have been mobilized. In detail the ground forces: 61 firefighters with 27 vehicles, 38 firefighters with 19 vehicles. and 6 groups of hikers with 42 firefighters. I was assisted by 2 project machines and District 2 as well as voluntary fire trucks & tankers.

In the first light of the day, five aircraft and five helicopters, one of the Fire Brigade and two of the Greek Army, began to fly. ELAS police also rushed to evacuate residential areas and assist residents.

The Fire Department rushed by all means from the first moment
The fire started from a forest area near Serres Street in Paiania and quickly became large. Police stopped traffic on Ionian Street from the first moment, and shortly thereafter stopped car traffic on Katehaki Avenue, from Pindos to Saketas, as well as Attiki Odos to the exit. for Caesarean. At around 7:30 am traffic was allowed back in again.

The flames and the smoke arrived near the antennas of Hymettus
Two houses were burned
Two houses were set on fire in the area where it occurred. Specifically according to RES-EIA it has been reported that two houses were burnt and external damage was caused to two others.

Photos of the fire in Ymittos

However, due to the rapid evacuation of residents by police – according to the fire brigade – no injuries have been reported and no residential area is immediately threatened as the fire has moved up the mountain.

Spokesman for the Fire Department, Vassilis Vathrakogiannis, speaking on SKAI television said that evacuation of houses had been evacuated without any danger to the citizen. Asked if there were any damage to homes, Mr Vathrakogiannis said he would have a clear picture later in the day. SKAI said there were reports of damage to homes on Serres Street, where the fire started.

Lieutenant General Vassilios Matthaiopoulos has placed the fire brigade in Attica and in part of Greece as a whole.
From the first moment, the Minister of Citizen Protection, Mr. Michalis Chrysochoidis, has been at the Unified Coordination Center for the Operations of the Fire Department. At the front of the fire has been the secretary general of civil protection Nikos Chardalias.

Stop traffic in Katheaki and Attiki Odos
To facilitate the operation of the fire brigade, traffic was stopped by vehicles :

on Katehaki Avenue from Pindou Street to Saketas Camp
at the exit of the Attica Road in the regional Ymittos to Kaisariani.
Finally after a while and around 07:30 the roads were reopened for all vehicles and traffic was running smoothly.

Source –  iefimerida.gr 

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