Athens Pride 2019: The center in the colors of the Rainbow

In the years of the arc, ” Athens” Prize 2019 was celebrated in Athens early on Saturday afternoon , which also honors the memory of Zak Kostopoulos, with the central slogan “The road has our own history”.

The annual appointment has been reintroduced to Syntagma, where the first Athens Pride took place 15 years ago , while this year’s event is dedicated to the half-century claims of the community of LAKKI, and the memory of Jacques Kostopoulos, celebrated on 21st September Gladston Street.

Athens Pride: The center of Athens filled colors!

From the morning Syntagma Square is filled with kiosks where there are actions such as body painting, rainbow games, while the loudspeakers are listening to music, followed by the great parade on the city’s main streets.

Athens Pride, this year, highlights the role of the road as a democratic space of claim, revolution and triumph in the face of injustice and brutality, and calls on the world to come out proudly on the historic streets of Athens.

The colors of Athens Pride tonight are the House
On the occasion of the festival’s current events, the House highlights the message of respecting the right of every person to self-identification of his gendered identity, by symbolically illuminating his façade in the rainbow colors tonight from 9.00 am half an hour.

Fofi: We are here because we defend human rights
At noon, Phofi Gennimatas visited the pavilion that the Athens Pride Movement of Movement has set up in Syntagma, saying: “Athens Pride is now a reference point for the LGA community. We are here, because we are defending human rights against all kinds of discrimination. For an “open society” that accepts diversity. For a democratic society where everyone is equal. ”

Among others, representatives of the psychological support line 11528, going up the platform of the event noted: “One thing we have seen change over the years is that in the early years the phones were mostly anonymous and we made telephone support. Nowadays, a large number of phone calls come not only from people, but from their families, but also from teachers who care to create a safer environment. ”

Color Youth: We have a lot to do until we are all released, all free and free
Color youth took the floor to note that “this year’s Athens Pride has a special character. Half a century since the community came to the streets we can see what we have gained. Our daily routine is better but we can not fail to see the fight that we have before us. Our community is poorer. Nine months ago, we were deprived of Jacques and we were called to claim again in the streets what we thought we had won. Cry out that the murder of Jacques will not be forgotten. I wish it was the only murder but other murders with racist and sexist features and many feminicides also came to light. We have a lot to do until we can all move, all freely on the streets. ”

After a parade in Syntagma Square, a big party with popular artists is expected, among them Fivos Delivorias and Eleni Fourea.

The Greek Parliament was represented by SYRIZA MP Anneta Kavvadia. The government was represented by government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos.

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