Attack In Vlachika (Attica south of Athens) tavern with two dead! They were shot in the head

Unprecedented for domestic police time incident at Vari – Koropi tavern on Sunday afternoon (19.1.2020). Four gunmen stormed into the store and opened fire in front of their eating families and friends. Two male patrons fell fatally injured and one girl was hospitalized. Despite the persecution of the law enforcement authorities, the killers remain unidentified for the time being. At Attica Security consider two scenarios: mafia clearing accounts and death contract.
Huge police mobilization is underway in Attica to identify and arrest the four executors of two alien patrons at the Voskopoula tavern in Vlachika, on the Vari-Koropiou avenue, which has all the features of a mobster and a mobster. The two men, shortly after the attack succumbed to their injuries, were shot in the head!

In addition to the two dead, one Slovak national and the other a Montenegrin citizen, the bullets of ruthless criminals, fortunately, slightly injured a girl, also a foreigner, in the legs.

Despite the persecution of the law enforcement authorities, the killers are still escaping arrest for the time being.

Vlachika: The Chronicle of Terror

An alarm went off at around 7pm on Sunday afternoon (19.1.2020) to police for a bloody incident and shots were fired at the Voskopoula tavern on the Vari-Koropiou avenue in Vlachika.

According to information so far, four people – who had their faces covered – stormed the store and opened fire on a group of foreigners. Three people from the bullets of the perpetrators, nationals of Montenegro and Slovakia, were injured, both of them severely and shortly afterwards, unfortunately, succumbed to their serious wounds at the Asclepieion of Voula, where they were transferred.

A girl is also injured in her legs. The victims, in fact, ate with their children when they received the shots, both of which were fatal.

At the same time, the law enforcement authorities have launched a manhunt to track down and arrest the four criminals. Indeed, Attica Security deals with two scenarios: mafia clearing accounts and death contract.

Security Attica undertook to resolve this unprecedented Greek affair, a massacre at a tavern, full of families, eating uncertainly with their children.

Reportage: Theodosis Panou – Stergios Samartzis


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