Attempting to cheat is reported by Cosmote – What to watch for subscribers

Following our previous article on this subject and Cosmote have renewed their advice to customers.

Attempting to cheat is reported by Cosmote – What to watch for subscribers

COSMOTE’s announcement reads as follows:

“We inform our subscribers that we have come to our notice that unknown people, pretending to represent OTE , make calls to COSMOTE’s fixed telephones, asking for personal data (eg VAT) and asking for a check on their router or e-mail. passwords. In some cases, they also ask subscribers to install remote access software on their computers (eg TeamViewer).

We encourage our subscribers to be very careful. Under no circumstances does the company ask for personal passwords in systems or services in telephone communications with its customers. She also does not invite her clients by asking them to install such programs on their computer. If a subscriber feels that he or she has been the victim of a cheating attempt, please contact our customer service department at 13888.

For OTE Group, the security of personal data and customer transactions is a major concern and priority. The Company reserves all its legitimate rights to all who use its name and the trust it has developed with consumers for malicious and illegal acts. “

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