Attiki Odos (Athens road network): Drivers Remain Trapped – Stories of Unimaginable Suffering and Anger

There are no words to describe the hours (and there are too many) of suffering in the snow and the cold that thousands of citizens continue to spend on Attiki Odos . In one of the most modern roads of the basin the bad weather “Hope” brought images of shame.

With the Attiki Odos staff letting the drivers enter the road but not to make sure that it remains open, not to answer the calls of the citizens and leaving them at the mercy of the bad weather but also with the state to work with slow reflexes to send the army at night while from 09:00 in the morning there was information about trapped drivers.

Until 06:00 in the morning, on Attiki Odos, drivers remain trapped in the snow. No one knows (almost 24 hours later) how many drivers are trapped on the road . Some reports said it might be as high as 5,000 .

Late Monday night (24.01.2022) and while many of the drivers were already trapped for 12 hours, running out of fuel or others had abandoned their cars and left, the army arrived on Attiki Odos, distributing bars. and water but also blankets .

See pictures from the release operation

Some drivers, however, were trapped in Attica until 06:00 on Tuesday morning. One of them is Manolis, a taxi driver, who was trapped on Attiki Odos 10 minutes after he entered the street and while he asked the employee when he paid the tolls and she informed him that they knew nothing about possible problems!

The driver, who spoke to SKAI on Tuesday morning and while he was trapped in his car with his client and another woman, in a back car that ran out of fuel (!), Said that he entered Attiki Odos yesterday at 10 : 20!

“We are thousands of cars” he said and stressed that in one of the cars is trapped and a big woman, who had gone to get the coronavirus vaccine and was returning home when the bad weather and indifference trapped them!

“We are here from yesterday at noon at 12:00. Some soldiers and a blanket brought us a sandwich and some water. “It was snowing a lot and everything was stopped,” a citizen who remains trapped told MEGA.

“Trapped since the morning on Attiki Odos”

Mrs. Thalia, whose husband has been trapped on Attiki Odos since yesterday morning, spoke to MEGA.

“My husband has been trapped since 10:00 in the morning, on Attiki Odos at the height of Kantza, no one has passed, they were not given anything, he did not receive any information about a TRAINOSE wagon. I spoke to 112 and they told me to walk to the nearest exit in case they find a Civil Protection car. The next exit is 2.5 km. People do not have the strength to walk to get to that point. There are many cars and buses with caged people.


The husband was going to the airport, his flight was canceled and he was trying to get home. Now it’s snowing from what he tells me but it ‘s blowing. No one answers whether the suburban train will be opened for people to leave. “They can not sit for a second 24 hours without water and food,” said Ms. Thalia.

TPAINOSE, at the request of the Civil Protection, in order to strengthen the efforts to free the drivers from Attiki Odos, launched a train with a capacity of 300 seats in Proastiakos in order to safely transport people to a protected environment.

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