ERT Archives Tribute to the Great Feast of the Assumption . Watch in the movie Epicureans how they celebrated in Paros , Corfu , Kefalonia , Zakynthos and Tinos 58 years ago .


In 1961 we have the movie Epicurean, dedicated to the great celebration of August 15th.The first stop is Paros , where we watch the celebration of the Assumption of the Virgin in Ekatontapyliani . Crowds of people have flooded the temple in order to attend the funeral, and then the image of Theotokos is lit up on the streets of Parikia .

In Corfu, the feast of August 15th takes on the island’s peculiar “color”. Officials and a multitude of faithful are watching the fluttering of the image of St. Spyridon .

The same atmosphere prevails in Kefalonia . Officials, who have arrived on the island and around the world, are watching the fluttering of the image of Theotokos , and along the route faithful lie on the road, waiting for the image to pass over them. (video time commences at 3:58)

In Zakynthos , on the day of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, the scene of St. Dionysius takes place . Residents, officials, and holidaymakers alike are taking part in the largest religious holiday of the summer.

Finally, our Epicurean lens travels to Tinos , in the temple of Evangelistria. The icon of Theotokos , found there, was found in 1821. Each year, on the 15th of August, it is consecrated, which begins from the temple of the Evangelistria, with many worshipers and officials accompanying it all the way.

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