Average sunny temperature in Kefalonia yesterday was a record low and beaufort 8 winds!

During Monday 24 January 2022 our station in Faraklata recorded an average temperature of 2.8 degrees Celsius with the equivalent maximum and minimum of 4.7 and 1.7 degrees Celsius.
The average sunny temperature without a phenomenon is the lowest our station has recorded in the last decade.
The previous one that was recorded in similar conditions (sunshine) was on 31/1/2012 with an average price of 3.6c.
In the past we had the lowest temperatures, however, these were the result of rainfall (3.4c) and mainly snow (1.2c).
The maximum wind gust on Monday was 62.8 Km/hr – 8 Beauforts while the impressive feeling of cold with the equivalent index of -5.4 degrees Celsius was impressive.
Source – Kefalonia Weather

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