Bad weather: 7,500 lightning fell on Thursday – New wave of rain and thunderstorms to come

A wave of bad weather hit many areas of the country on Thursday.

Rain and thunderstorms occurred in Attica, causing quite a bit of traffic disruption . In Crete, the lightning strikes created an eerie scene.

According to the Observatory’s meteo, by the afternoon, 7,500 lightning had fallen. The heavy rains and thunderstorms that occurred today in the Ionian, on the mainland and in Attica, have resulted in the Athens National Observatory’s “ZEFS” lightning recording system recording a total of about 7,500 lightning by the afternoon.

According to the Athens National Observatory’s network of automatic meteorological stations, the highest amounts of rain by the afternoon had been recorded at the Vatopedi Monastery (53mm), at Kastritsi of Achaia (36mm), at Romanos Patras (33mm). Attica (32mm).

The bad weather continues
From the early hours of Friday to noon of the same day, rain and thunderstorms will occur on the eastern continents and in the Aegean. Then, and by noon on Saturday, the effects will again affect the whole country, with the strongest expected in eastern Thessaly and eastern Solidarity, Euboea and the Peloponnese.

Hailstorms are expected from Thursday noon until the early hours of Friday mainly in the Ionian, Epirus, Western Solidarity, Peloponnese, Southern Aegean and Crete. Then there is the possibility of hailstorms for the Ionian and Western Peloponnese until Friday afternoon. Snowfall will occur locally only at very high altitudes in the country.

The temperature will fall mainly on the continent’s maximum values. The northern winds in the Aegean will not exceed 7 beaufort, while in the Ionian they will only be enhanced on Friday and will blow from eastern directions up to 6 to 7 beaufort.
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