Bad weather “Ballos” – Including another 80mm + of rain forecast for Kefalonia

While the bad weather “Athena” today passes further east and the weather temporarily improves until Wednesday, a new disturbance from northern Europe will cause the transfer of cold and unstable gas masses over the warm waters of the Mediterranean. This will result from the region of Sirte-South Ionian to create low which will cause  worsening of the weather as described in the emergency Bulletin of EMY . Based on the relevant announcement of EMY   for the naming of bad weather, this new bad weather is called “Ballos” and is second in the list published jointly by EMY with the Meteorological Service of Cyprus and Israel.

The new weather system called BALLOS (BALLOS) will cause new bad weather in the country mainly from noon on Thursday and from the west – southwest, with the main characteristics of heavy rains and thunderstorms that will be accompanied in places by hail and temporarily during of phenomena from strong gusts of wind. The intense phenomena will
initially affect the Ionian, the western continents and Macedonia and from noon on Thursday gradually the rest of the country.

The maps show the 24-hour rainfall heights on the first map and in the second there is the color representation of the Extreme Forecast Index where the dynamics of the bad weather system are reflected very clearly

In the Tweet that follows you can observe the movement of the systems with the amounts of precipitation every 6 hours. According to the first estimates, both Attica and the region of Evia will be significantly affected, mainly from late Thursday afternoon until Friday morning.

On Friday (15-10-2021) the bad weather will initially affect the whole country, while the intense phenomena from the afternoon hours in the northwest will weaken. On Saturday (16-10-2021) heavy rains and thunderstorms will affect the eastern country, but gradually the effects will weaken.

If deemed necessary, this bulletin will be updated, while more details can be found in the daily regular weather bulletins, on the website of EMY ( and EMY’s twitter account @EMY_HNMS)

We recommend that you take note of the instructions NGPP k the extreme weather conditions . In any case, you should be aware that EMY takes into account all available forecast data and after their relevant evaluation, issues the special forecast and warning bulletins, as well as the relevant analysis of the forecasted weather development.

Theodoros N. Kolydas

Director of the National Meteorological Center of EMY

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