Bad weather Elpis: The situation is tragic in all the roads of the Attica basin (Athens)


An unprecedented situation occurs in Attica, which with 7 hours of snowfall is literally paralyzed. Hundreds of drivers are trapped for hours on Attiki Odos , which opens and closes in order for the crews to clear the snow. 

The biggest problem is between Pallini and Kantza where drivers are desperate waiting for hours in the cold.

And there must be a road race as the intensity of the bad weather is expected in the afternoon. 

See image from Attiki Odos 

At the same time, traffic on the most central streets of Athens is a regular Golgotha ​​for drivers. Kifissia, Mesogeion, Vasilissis Sofias, are almost impassable.  

Distances that at worst take half an hour, today reach 3 hours! Also, Katehaki Avenue is closed.

More detail:

The Traffic Police has banned the traffic of vehicles on Kanellopoulou Avenue (Katehaki) in both streams from Mesogeion Avenue to the Ymittos ring road, but also on El. Venizelou in Ilioupoli in both streams from the 28th of October square to the area of ​​Karea.

Even in the southern suburbs the situation is very difficult since the snow has covered everything and boulevards like Alimou need chains without exaggeration, while everything is still on Vouliagmeni Avenue.

New appeal of EL.AS.

ELAS appeals to drivers to use anti-skid chains in their vehicles, on the road network of Attica, due to the snowfall, with an announcement.

In detail, its announcement states:

“Due to the unfavorable weather conditions observed in the prefecture of Attica and in order to avoid additional traffic problems, drivers of vehicles moving on a road network where there is snow or frost are requested to install anti-skid chains or other similar anti-skid chains or other similar means on at least two drive wheels. their vehicle does not have special tires (snow tires) “.

Buses and trolleys were withdrawn 

All buses and trolleybuses were gradually withdrawn from traffic due to the severe bad weather, according to the OASA. It is noted that from early in the morning there were problems on several bus and trolley lines, as a result of which they stopped their traffic.

Patoulis: Avoid unnecessary travel

An appeal to the citizens to avoid unnecessary transportation in order to facilitate the work of the snowplows, addresses the governor of Attica G. Patoulis from the traffic management center of the region where he is to have a complete picture of the situation on the roads.

 “Our efforts have focused on keeping all the main roads of Attica open and those leading to hospitals,” he points out, after the traffic jam observed on the main roads due to heavy snowfall.

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