Bad weather hit Evia: 2 dead, flooded houses, many trapped

The situation in Evia is dramatic, after the downpour of the previous hours.

Due to the bad weather that affects the island with rains and storms, problems have been caused in many areas with the largest, however, being located in the wider area of ​​Chalkida.

Two dead from the bad weather in Evia
Many basements and ground floors of houses have been flooded and dozens of calls have been made for help to the Fire Department and the Police. There are also reports of trapped civilians, while according to information there are two dead. The information about a dead, 86-year-old woman who lived in a ground floor house in Politika, who lost her life by drowning, was first transmitted by Mega.

The news was confirmed a little later by the mayor of Dirfion, George Psathas, saying that the dead in Politika Evia are not one but two . He is an 86-year-old in Politika and an 85-year-old in the same village, as he said speaking to SKAI.

Problems in Bourtzi
According to, the river Lilas overflowed and the water passed over the bridges of Afrati and Vasilikos, while many problems with overflows and floods are observed in the areas of Psachna and Politikon.

Problems with floods are also recorded in Bourtzi of the Municipality of Chalkida.

Roads were flooded, many houses were flooded, cars were swept away by the rushing waters, yards were broken, and lives were endangered, according to residents’ reports on social media.

In fact, as confirmed by the Regional Governor Fanis Spanos, with his statements on a television station, there are trapped residents of the area and an operation is being made to release them.

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