Bad weather Ianos: Kefalonia from drone a week later – The beach in Assos no longer exists

The wounds in Kefalonia have not yet closed after the passage of Cyclone Ianos. 

Cyclone Ianos hit Kefalonia very hard. The island continues to count its wounds, a week after the bad weather. Mainly in Assos. The picturesque village remains with problems in the electricity supply, in houses and in the road network where there are still carried materials that Janos “downloaded” from the mountain and the torrent.

However, the works continue feverishly with the cars of the residents being slowly unearthed.

There are many who say that the protection measures taken are not enough and that the state should help immediately, while a flood protection project should be planned for Kefalonia, because as the victims of “miracle” point out, we did not mourn the victims.

The technical services of the Municipality have been engaged in battle over time with the help of individuals, the Region and the Army.

At the same time, the Directorate of Forests of Kefalonia with its announcement has banned the disposal of trees that were uprooted by the disaster, to become firewood.
As can be seen in the video from the drone, the beautiful beach of Assos is no longer there, while the roads are still full of tons of mud and other carried objects .

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