Bad weather report: Large quantities of water and 16,000 lightning strikes in recent days

Many problems with floods and catastrophes in public and private property, mainly in the Ionian islands and western Greece, have caused short-term bad weather from Monday night until Wednesday morning.

According to the network of automatic meteorological stations of the National Observatory of Athens /, the highest amount of rain was recorded in the western and northern parts of the country.

In fact, at some stations in the western continents the total amount of rain exceeded 80 mm, with the most typical example being the Tower of Ilia, where it reached 108 mm . Followed by Zitsa Ioannina (82mm), Amaliada (79mm), Derviziana Ioannina (68mm) and Asprangeloi Ioannina (65mm).

The bad weather brought 16,000 lightning and 2 tornadoes
At the same time, the “ZEUS” lightning recording system of the National Observatory of Athens recorded about 16,000 lightning strikes within the Greek territory, with 6,000 of them located above land and the remaining 10,000 above the sea. Unfortunately, two of them hit two people in Alimaki Kyparissia and Myrsini Lechena, resulting in their deaths .

Finally, two wind turbines were recorded in Amaliada and Kalamata , as well as three water turbines, one in the Amvrakikos Gulf in the greater Amfilochia region and two in Rhodes.

Weather Scenery from Thursday – Bad weather recedes
Thunderstorms are expected on Thursday, which will be denser in the area, with heavy rainfall likely at noon on the mountainous continents. During the night the visibility on the continents will be limited in places.

The temperature in Western Macedonia will range from 11 to 26 degrees, the rest of Macedonia and Thrace from 12 to 26, Thessaly from 16 to 31, the rest of the central continents from 15 to 29, the southern continents from 17 to 30, the islands of the Ionian Sea from 20 to 25, the islands of the Eastern Aegean from 17 to 28, the islands of the rest of the Aegean from 15 to 26 and Crete from 16 to 28.

The winds in Central and North Aegean will blow from changing directions up to 3 and locally from south directions 2 to 4 beaufort. In the South Aegean the winds will blow from western directions 3 to 5 and locally up to 6 beaufort. In the Ionian the winds will blow from changing directions of 2 to 4 beaufort.

What time will he do in Athens and Thessaloniki
Attica is expected sparse cloudy at times. The winds will blow from southwest directions up to 3 and locally up to 4 beaufort. The temperature in central Athens will range from 22 to 29 degrees.

Thunderstorms are expected in Thessaloniki that will be denser at times. Visibility during the night will be locally limited. The winds will blow from changing directions up to 2 beaufort, however, at noon and afternoon will become southwest up to 3 beaufort. The temperature in the city center will range from 17 to 26 degrees.

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