Bankruptcy Thomas Cook: New customer fraud attempt to refund

The site that promises a refund to Thomas Cook’s customers

A new attempt to deceive British tourists, who were clients of Thomas Cook with the promise of a refund, has been identified by the UK Consumer Association.

This is the website, which uses the Thomas Cook logo, which invites customers to provide personal information to help them promise to get back the money they have given.

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), which is the official body for this whole process of Thomas Cook’s bankruptcy, has warned that this site is fake. The Consumer Association Which? has asked the company hosting this website to remove it.

The CAA is expected to officially begin the refund process on Monday, October 7, so which one? informs customers to ignore any other allegedly alternate means by phone calls, messages or fake websites.

Shortly after the shutdown of Thomas Cook, Which? had warned that the scammers, who appeared to be phoning hotels, were requesting bank or credit card details of Thomas Cook’s clients to allegedly refund the money they had paid.

Who’s in charge of travel? Rory Boland described the scammers as caricatures, which emerged after the financial catastrophes, stressing that some of them appear very convincing in their promises of money back.

Customers of Thomas Cook, he stressed, should know that as of Monday, October 7, CAA, banks and credit card providers are beginning the refund process and customers should only contact them.

The Consumers’ Union Which? has posted a scam alert warning on its website entitled   : Beware fake Thomas Cook refund websites


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