Banning access to the islands until May 18, the exceptions

New decision to impose the measure of temporary restriction of connections with the islands, to limit the dispersion of the coronavirus COVID-19, from 4.5.2020 and 06.00 to 18.5.2020 and 06.00.

The decision provides for a total reduction in all types of air connections, as well as the movement of all types of ships and boats and the operation of ferries to transport passengers by sea, including private pleasure boats and professional tourist boats, launchers and seafarers. taxis from mainland Greece to the islands, as well as between the islands of the country, for precautionary reasons public health protection from further spread of the corona COVID-19 in Greek Territory.

The restriction does not cover air connections, as well as the movement of ships and boats of the first paragraph that are carried out exclusively for the movement:

a) the permanent residents of the islands to the island of their permanent residence,

b) the inhabitants of small islands to the larger islands of the same Regional Unit, as well as the inhabitants of the Municipality of Trizinia-Methana to the island of Poros, which is allowed exclusively for the following limited reasons:

– Go to a pharmacy, visit a doctor or go to a hospital or health center, if this is recommended after contact.

– Transfer to an emergency department store, where it is not possible to send them in time.

– Transfer to the bank, to the extent that electronic transaction is not possible.

– the personnel of the Armed Forces and the Security Forces, the forces participating in operations and operations of the European Border and Coast Guard Organization, as well as the General Secretariat for Civil Protection, which moves for official purposes,

– the medical and nursing staff, of all kinds, the public and private sector, researchers and health professionals, as well as the staff of the National Public Health Organization (EODY), working on an island under permanent or temporary employment of any kind. or is transferred to it for the performance of service, e) of the technical staff of critical infrastructures and execution of public works for movements related to the exercise of their duties,

– public sector and educational staff of all levels of education, including the Merchant Navy Academies, working on an island under permanent or temporary employment of any kind or moving there to perform service, g) for the purpose of attending a ceremony ( eg funeral of a relative of the first or second degree).

The above features that must be excluded must be proved by presenting the proof of certification when issuing passenger tickets.

If the tickets have been issued electronically, the proof of status is certified before and during the boarding of the passengers on the aircraft, ships or boats that perform the transport. Especially in the case of a permanent resident, this is evidenced by the presentation of a valid tax return or the Island Island Unit or a certificate of permanent residence of the passenger issued by the relevant Mayor or a Certificate of Public License issued by a Special Electronic Residence. ).

The assistance of the conditions for transfer to a funeral is certified by a written statement of the citizen.

The personnel of airlines, airports, the Civil Aviation Authority, as well as shipowners, managers, natural or legal persons and authorized travel or maritime agents are obliged to take all appropriate measures to implement this, as well as the current health authorities. rules for preventive reasons of protection of public health from the further dispersion of the corona COVID-19 in the Greek Territory.

The Greek Police, the Municipal Police, the Port Authorities in their area of ​​responsibility and the National Transparency Authority supervise the proper and uninterrupted implementation of this and provide every possible assistance to this end.

With the care of the pilot or the shipowner or the manager or the master, the observance of the ratio of one (1) person per 15 sq.m. is ensured. and the minimum distance of two (2) meters between them. Passenger and crew cabins may be occupied by one (1) passenger and one (1) crew member, respectively.

Evia and Lefkada fall within the scope of its decision, insofar as it relates to their air and sea connections.

The restrictions are valid for the period from 4 May 2020 at 06:00 until 18 May 2020 at 06:00.

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