Beach Cleaning and the Environment in Kefalonia

Whilst this weekends main news and emphasis is on the Coco Cola sponsored beach clean at the islands iconic beach at Myrtos.

It is good to see the Wildlife Sense Kefalonia  team doing a great job at Minies beach on World Ocean Day and having some fun in the sun at the same time.

Gepostet von Wildlife Sense am Samstag, 8. Juni 2019

It feels to us like the momentum is growing regarding people having a greater environmental awareness and we hope one day we can inform enough people to minimise all this great reactive work and stop some of these issues arising in the first place.

Lets keep spreading the word and each think of the impact we are causing on the environment and take one simple step each to reduce our footprints, some simple ones include;

  • Use sustainable straws (if you need one in the first place!)
  • Take your own cups for take-away coffees
  • Take your litter off the beach including cigarette butts
  • Consider if public transport is a practical option at times

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