Beer with yeast of 3,000 years

Yeast from ancient vessels managed to export scientists from Israel to make beer similar to what the pharaohs drank more than 3,000 years ago.

The yeast was found in pots that had been discovered in archaeological sites in southern Israel.

According to the French Agency, beer has a 6% alcohol content and a taste similar to the beer produced from wheat.

According to researchers from the Israeli Antiquities Service and three universities, this is the first time that beer is produced using ancient yeast.

However, researchers have used modern methods of production, although they are looking forward to making beer based on ancient recipes and, why not, to launch it on the market.

Caught during the presentation of beer on Wednesday, archaeologist Aren Mayer of Bar-Ilan University said that in the toast before the drink test he commented that “either everything will go well or we will all die in five minutes.”

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