Beige resident permit holders will be able to swap straight to biometric next year similar to blue card holders

Post copied from Brits in Greece with good news for many, essentially beige resident card owners will be able to do straight swap to biometric next year as well as blue card holders, one caveat for beige card holders it will mean you need to spend at least 6 months a year in Greece until you qualify for permanent residency.
UK Nationals Citizens’ Rights update

With so many sources of information, some UK nationals living in Greece may end up confused, concerned or even misinformed about the action they need to take and when, in order to put their affairs in order and secure their rights under the Withdrawal Agreement. We understand that recently there has been some misreporting about registration process and freedom of movement provisions in Greece and we would like to reiterate some key facts.
We would also encourage you all to rely on the Living in Greece Guide, our posts here and our tweets on @UKinGreece for the latest official, authoritative information about the necessary arrangements you need to make as these emerge from our continuous and direct engagement with Greek authorities.
  • Holders of registration certificates and permanent residence certificates are legally resident and automatically meet the conditions in the Withdrawal Agreement. They will not have to meet different criteria at a later stage.
  • Greece has not introduced a new registration system. UK nationals can continue to register until the end of 2020, as per the existing process in place for EU citizens and in line with Freedom of Movement provisions*. Read our detailed guide on how to register.
  • Greece, as all EU member States, has the right to require UK nationals covered by the Withdrawal Agreement to apply for a new residence card. All UK nationals holders of residence documents (registration certificate or permanent residence certificate) will have to take action later this year to get this new residence card.
    • The exact details of this administrative procedure and the steps UK nationals will have to take will be announced by the Greek authorities.
    • Those details are not yet available but we understand that the they will be announced this month.
    • We will share this information as soon as we have it.
*Freedom of movement
  • For stays of over 90 days: one must have sufficient resources and sickness insurance to ensure (s)he does not become a burden on the social services of Greece (same provision for all EU member States).
  • After a five-year period of uninterrupted legal residence, one can acquire the right of permanent residence. This right is no longer subject to any conditions.

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