Beware of malware with photos of women-They ask for ransom

The attention of internet users to malicious software that can infiltrate computers and block the files is drawn by the Electronic Crime Prosecution, with a notice issued and updated about the dangers.

In particular, information to citizens is about the emergence – internationally – of a new version of the malware software “Ransomware-Cryptoware” under the name “JNEC”, which is of increasing interest both in the method of misleading Internet users and on the other hand as to how to download the decryption key.

This malicious software exploits JNEC security gap in computer files and infect computer systems by sending emails containing malicious attachments, mainly “forged – blemished” women’s pictures.

After the software has been installed in the information system, the files are encrypted and the perpetrators ask for “ransom” to give the decryption key.

Criminal Intelligence warns citizens not to open unknown messages, copy files to external hard drives, and have security on computers.

Instructions and tips are available at, while for incidents involving malware like Ransomware – Cryptoware, EUROPOL and the European Cybercrime Center (EC3) have launched the https: //, where people can find protection tips, as well as decryption keys for some of the malware.

Lastly, it is recalled that citizens can communicate, anonymously or branded, with the Electronic Crime Prosecutor’s Office in order to provide information or to denounce illegal or pathetic acts or activities carried out over the internet. 


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