Dramatic is the situation in Crete due to the bad weather “Oceanis” that scans the island.

According to the regional governor, the damages are “unrealistic” and, according to the meeting with the Minister of Infrastructure, Christos Spiritsis, “neither 100 million euros do not come” to repair the damage only in the prefecture of Chania.

Another bridge collapsed

Late Monday evening, he collapsed part of the bridge of Stavromenos Rethymno, unable to resist statically in the water momentum of the Old National Road. The section of the road has been blocked but it does not create a particular problem for the passage of the inhabitants, since it is the Old Bridge linking the settlement with the Old National Road before the Boeing of the BOAK, as the Regional Director of the Regional Directorate of the IP Of Crete, Chief Archbishop Nikos Lagoudakis.

Mayor Platanias: “Six bridges have fallen, we are experiencing the absolute blockade”


According to Mayor Platanias of Chania, Giannis Malandraki, six bridges have collapsed. Mr Malandrakis, speaking of the collapse of the Keritis bridge, spoke of “devastation” as it is not the only bridge that has fallen.

Speaking to ANT1, he said: “It’s a picture of a bombed landscape. To communicate with the rest of the prefecture and with Chania we pass by the so-called BOAK which is closed from the beginning of January due to landslides. We’re talking about debasing. when six bridges, which are 60, 70 and 50 years old in a municipality, what we are experiencing is not unprecedented, it is something that can not be captured in words. It is not a matter of state care … We are experiencing the absolute blockade. ”

In a separate incident in Crete today

Unfortunately, the search for the 61 year old lost in torrents in Apokoronas, Crete, was tragic, as at 12:45 pm on Tuesday the rescue crews identified his lifeless body.

His body was found on land between Georgioupolis and Vrysses, about 5km from the point where he was lost.

“Unfortunately, the 61-year-old was found by the EMMA and the fire brigade dead,” said the chief executive of the Fire Brigade of Crete, chief architect, Nikos Lagoudakis.

Let’s remind that investigations to detect it had begun from Monday morning when his traces were lost. The 61-year-old was dragged into his attempt to pass his farm car from a torrent between Ebrossero and Vatoudiari. A few hours later his car was found without him.

Then the investigations continued on Tuesday morning with the help of firefighters, harbours, volunteers and frogs, to locate the unfortunate man, which unfortunately had a tragic ending in finding the 61-year-old body.