Big catastrophe disaster in France: A tourist was killed

Fall bad weather affects southeast France -Photo: twitter

The French government has today declared a state of emergency due to a natural disaster in central-eastern France after the fierce storms that hit the region and caused the death of a man and serious damage.

A German 51-year-old tourist was killed yesterday in a camping site in Tannenz, in the French Alps, as she was mistreated by a tree that fell on her caravan due to the windy winds.

In Roman Sier Iser, a little further south, hailstorm lasted only a quarter, but the phenomenon was “unprecedented severity,” according to the municipal authority. The streets of the city were turned into torrents, and the “ball tennis” hail caused “very serious damage”.

In the neighboring community of Ponte D’Isère, “we really believed that the end of the world had come,” says fruit grower Orelian Espri, who recorded the magnitude of the disaster in a video posted on Facebook.

“Everything was destroyed, I have not seen it before. Whole pieces of ice fell, “he tells his broken aprons.

“The situation is really dramatic,” said Minister of Rural Development Didier Guyom, who went to see the disasters.

Ten people were slightly injured and the occupants of no less than twenty houses destroyed were forced to leave their homes.

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