Big change with handsfree – Large fines are foreseen

The new DRC (Road Traffic Code) is particularly rigorous with drivers talking on their mobile phones while their vehicle is on the move.

 It is therefore important for drivers to know that talking on the cellphone is only allowed via bluetooth or hands-free and only when the phone is mounted in the special case on the dashboard.

According to, any other use of the cellphone by the driver is punishable by a fine.

Talking on the cell phone while using a handsfree is prohibited while driving. The same is true for open listening if the cellphone is located at the driver’s feet or elsewhere that may distract him from the road. It is also forbidden to use the cellphone for sending or reading sms or other alerts.

What drivers need to know and do

Drivers who want to use their mobile phone should:

  • to have cell phone bluetooth enabled before driving,
  • the conversation should be brief and avoid complicated and emotionally charged conversations,
  • the interlocutor must be informed that the mobile user is driving,
  • terminate the conversation as soon as the distraction from driving is perceived.
  • Drivers are removed and fines for drivers using mobile phones

In accordance with Article 29 par. a. Law 4530/2018, which includes the provisions of the new CMC, drivers of vehicles using a mobile phone without a wireless headset or without having it placed in a special place for an open hearing shall be punished with the removal of the traffic plates and the license driving, by the infringer, for sixty (60) days. The driver is also fined 100 euros while using the vehicle while on the move.

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