Big fire in Evia -5 citizens in the hospital, evacuated villages

Updated information

Press release issued by Greek fire Brigade at 07:45 this morning

 Forest fires in Pyrgi and Agios Georgios Evia



Athens, July 5, 2019

The fires that have occurred since yesterday in the wider area of ​​the Municipality of Kymi-Aliveri in Evia are underway. Initially and about Q14: 15 of 04/07/2019, a fire occurred in a farmyard area in the Local Community of Hands. Immediate action was taken to hurry strong and terrestrial fire-fighting forces.

There are scattered settlements in the area of ​​the fire, while the particular geographic relief of the area combined with the high temperatures developed favored the fire, but the strong fire fighting force that rushed directly into the area restricted its spread.

For the protection and safety of the residents of the area, the head of the fire brigade advised the preventive removal of the residents of the Local Community of Makrychori, which was carried out by the competent Civil Protection Department of the Municipality.

Also, just before midnight there were two new fires, namely the Pyrgi and Agios Georgios Local Communities, which evolved simultaneously. Immediately in the area, powerful fire brigade forces rushed. At the same time, the head of the fire brigade suggested the proactive removal of the residents from the settlements: Lofiskos, Dafni, Neochori and Gavala, which was carried out by the competent Civil Protection Department of the Municipality.

In total, the three fires of the wider region are operating forces from the Attica, Sterea Ellada, Thessaly, Western Macedonia and Peloponnese regions. 175 firefighters with 78 vehicles, 60 section hikers, 20 firefighters with 10 vehicles of the Specialized Fire Department (MTEPE), while the local authorities are assisting the local authorities with 12 aquifers and 6 project machines. With the first light they operate from 4 airships and 3 airplanes. A cluster of Fighting Crimes Division (CAEF) is already in the area investigating the causes of the outbreak of fires.

The residents of the wider area under fire are urged to follow the suggestions of the Authorities for their safety and the facilitation of the work of extinguishing.

Overnight updates from yesterdays Article

Great fire in Evia / Photo: eviazoom

Evacuation of villages and settlements of the municipality of Kymi-Aliveri in Evia progressed due to the great fire that broke out on Thursday afternoon, while five citizens were transferred to the hospital.

The head of the fire brigade forces in Evia has suggested the preventive removal of the residents of the settlements of Neochori, Dafni, Gavala and Lofiskos. As Firefighters report, fires are raging from the evening in the villages of Agios Georgios Avlonarios and Gavalas, while a fire broke out in Loggos Avlonariou. The battle for extinguishing fire has been going on for hours by the fire brigade, which fights with the flames.

Speaking at, the Regional Governor of PY. Sterea Hellas, Vangelis Palios, houses are not threatened while a total of 60 firefighters with 23 vehicles, 2 teams of hikers in the subdivision and assisting groundwater and earthworks equipment.

At the point they rushed:
70 firefighters with 31 vehicles,
5 CANADAIR A / C and 4 E / P as well
2 groups of hikers with 12 firefighters.
1 team of the Motorized Special Fire Department (MEETPE) with 6 vehicles and 12 firefighters,
1 group hiker team with 7 firefighters and
the Department of Counterfeiting of Crimes of Confiscation (ΔΑΕΕ)
5 waterfalls OTA, EL.AS, EKAB and the Forest Service.
3 aquifers and 2 OTA project machines.

From the morning the fire burns in Evia In fact, the Region of Central Greece, Kostas Bakoyannis, was also found in the region to see how serious the situation was.

New fires in three places
The fire brigade was close to controlling the situation, as Secretary General for Civil Protection Yannis Tafillis said, but in the evening the situation changed to the worst.

Προσοχή μεγάλη σε Ελαια και προς το δρόμο της Οκτωνιας!!!

Gepostet von Spyros Maroulis am Donnerstag, 4. Juli 2019

While there was no air help, due to darkness, three new fronts , the two five minutes apart, opened shortly after midnight and even in inaccessible areas. The fronts were in Pyrgi, Agios Georgios and Lofiskos Avlonariou, as the local media reported. The fire spread and additional forces had to go to the areas, with the winds blowing as 6 beaufort.

Evacuation in villages
Indeed, shortly before 03:00 in the evening, it was decided to evacuate four other villages in the municipality of Kymi-Aliveri, mainly for preventive purposes. These are the villages of Gavalas, Dafni, Neochori and Lofiskos. Three of the four villages are not at risk, while according to the anti-imperial chief of Central Greece, Fanny Spanos, they have not burned houses. The evacuation was taken over by the police, men of the fire brigade and the SAR 312 Rescue Team, with the help of the Volunteer Team Amarinthia Artemis.

Do not open the doors to the rescuers the elderly
The elderly of these villages slept slowly and did not realize how serious things were. Indeed, as they broadcast local media, they were locked in their homes and did not leave, until they realized that the area had to be evacuated. Several were taken to the Aliver Health Center, while the rest of the world headed for a maritime area for security. The bells in the villages hit the night so that all the inhabitants would leave. The evacuation was completed quite quickly and at 6 am there were only the forces of the fire department and the police.

The elderly were proactively transported to the Aliver Health Center
Additional forces from all over the country – The mayor of Kymis is arrested
The first day of the day will begin operations from the air, with winds, however, remain strong in the area, as for several hours the fire was out of control. The greatest risk, according to the Mayor of Kymi-Aliveri, Thanasis Bourantas, is in the area of ​​Gavala, where they fear that if the fire crosses the other road then houses will be endangered, something that has been avoided so far. He stressed that they consider that 99% of the three fronts come from arson, something not yet officially confirmed.

The first hydroplanes arrived at 06:05 this morning
There have been forces in the region from various parts of Greece, as by 6 o’clock in the morning, the fire was not under control. A total of 45 firefighters and 18 vehicles from the Regions of Thessaly, Macedonia and the Peloponnese, 38 hikers from the 1st and 2nd EMAK, 8 firefighters with 4 MEETS vehicles, 4 waterworks and 2 machine tools from the EEF. Viotia, were transported at dawn to the area.

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