Big fire on the island of Evia – Makrymalis Monastery evacuated, smoke up to Attica

A large fire broke out on Tuesday morning from an unknown cause, in a forest area, in the area of ​​Agrilitsa in the municipality of Dyrfion – Messapion, Evia.

The fire broke out at about 3:10 am and large Fire Brigades have already been mobilized. The fire brigade was alerted about a quarter after three o’clock in the early hours of Tuesday and was immediately instructed to rush to the area with strong forces.

Indeed, as the PR informed at the time, “The forces in the area of ​​Agrilitsa of the village Dyrfios – Messapia, Euboea, have been mobilized in total: 80 firefighters, 39 firefighters, 7 hiking groups with 41 firefighters, 6 firefighters 12 firefighters METPE (Motor Specialized Fire Brigade), 4 A / S & 2 E / P. I had 8 project machines, 10 aquifers “.

Speaking to SKAI radio, Mayor George Psathas spoke of a “very serious fire with” great food “as a pine forest burned at 3 am” and added that five people were fired for preventive reasons.

The firefighting task is hampered by very strong wids and rough terrain. Residents of the villages near the front of the fire (Agrilitsa, Kontodespot and Makrimalli) have been informed that they are on the verge of evacuating their homes should the flames approach.

Vice-governor of Evia: Big and difficult fire
Euboea’s deputy regional governor, Fani Spanos, spoke to Real FM about a large and dangerous fire.

“It is a large, dangerous and difficult fire that lies in dense pine forest, far from residential areas, but on a large front and with alternating winds,” he said, adding: “We have full development of fleets and airplanes, with which it has already dawned. helicopters and airplanes were flying … All forces are in action and we are dealing with it in the best way. I think we will soon be more optimistic, but we still have a long way to go. ”

“The closest kilometer settlement to the front of the fire is Makrimalli, 7.3 kilometers away. If for some reason it starts to become more dangerous within 15 minutes it will be evacuated. I believe it will not be necessary, but in any case we are fully prepared for this scenario as well, “Mr. Spanos said.

Four fronts early Tuesday morning
Firefighters across Greece have been fighting on four fronts since Tuesday morning as another day several areas are in an “orange” alert for a high risk of fires.

Fires are in progress at this time:

In the Agrilitsa area of ​​the municipality of Dyrfion-Messapia in Evia,
In the Prodromos area of ​​the municipality of Thebes in Boeotia
In Pogoni Ioannina
At Plati’s place in Arta’s Kompoti.
However, fires in Samothraki and Achaia, which worried firefighters, came under partial control around midnight Monday.
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