Bilateral meeting between Greece and Italy today focusing on tourism links this season and other common issues

Luigi Di Mayo’s counterpart will meet on Tuesday morning with Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias on critical issues such as the EEZ, tourism and the Rehabilitation Fund at the table.

A statement from the Foreign Ministry said: “Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will meet tomorrow, Tuesday, June 9, at 12:00, with Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio.

The talks will focus on bilateral, European and regional interests. Statements will follow in the press at around 13:20.

Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio paid his first official visit abroad last Friday after lifting restrictions on the coronation pandemic, meeting with his German counterpart, Haiko Maas, in Berlin.

The topics of discussion between Nikos Dendias and Luigi Di Mayo
Athens and Rome have two open issues that will be addressed during tomorrow’s talks. It is about the demarcation of maritime zones between Greece and Italy, but also about the issue that arose last week regarding the Italians who want to visit Greece for the summer.

At the same time, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias will raise with his Italian counterpart the issue of Turkish provocation in the Eastern Mediterranean as the Greek government has taken a decision to internationalize the issue, making the Euro-Turkish and not Greek-Turkish dispute.

Intention to close the EEZ issue
With regard to the designation of maritime zones, the negotiations between the two sides are essentially in their final stages as a number of experts from the two countries have recently intensified discussions on an issue that has remained open since 1977.

Following Turkey ‘s latest challenges in the Eastern Mediterranean , Greek diplomacy considers it very important to “close” the negotiations with Italy on the EEZ and then to proceed with the relevant negotiations with Egypt and Albania, which are considered more difficult. According to information, the last pending issue for the two sides to agree on is the request of the Italian side for the Italian fishermen to fish within the Greek EEZ.

The issue of the visit of Italians to the conversation of Nikos Dendias – On May
At the same time, Nikos Dendias and Di Mayo will discuss the issue that arose last week with the initial blockade of Italian visitors which provoked the reaction of Rome, as Italy did not belong to the 29 countries that can travel without quarantine to Greece. However, the clarifications of the Ministry of Tourism and the opening of specific Italian airports to Greece on June 15 seem to have resolved the issue.

Nikos Dendias made a relevant report on the negotiations with Italy in his interview with “Ethnos “, noting that the aim of the Greek side is to close the negotiations with all the neighboring countries. “We are in negotiations with Italy and Egypt to delimit our maritime zones. Our country’s constant pursuit is to delimit the maritime zones with all our neighbors, including Turkey, by implementing what is provided in the foremost legal reference text, the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, “said the Greek Foreign Minister.

Libya and the Rehabilitation Fund on the agenda of the two foreign ministers
At the same time, the two foreign ministers are expected to discuss both developments in Libya and the Commission ‘s proposal for the Rehabilitation Fund, while the latest developments with EastMed will be on the agenda, following the approval of the Greece-Cyprus-Israel agreement by the Greek parliament and the cabinet of Cyprus .

“We are talking openly with Luigi di Mayo anyway. It is a given that we will also talk about the concerns expressed in Italy. Our bilateral relations are excellent and each side listens to the other with respect and understanding.

On the 9th of the month we will have a agenda of talks on many issues, such as the ongoing negotiation for the European Rehabilitation Fund, the demarcation of maritime zones, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, Libya, the Balkans and the Middle East, as well as the Metana course. . I look forward to a very productive meeting with my Italian friend “, he noted to Nikos Dendias regarding the full agenda of tomorrow’s meeting.

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